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Hello, my name is Natasha and I could be your guide around the sights seen on this website. I invite you to peruse this inspirational site and would then love to see you later in St. Petersburg. I was born here and have lived here all my life. I cannot think of a better place to be. Hopefully, it will not be long before either myself or one of my friends will be looking after you in my city. Quite simply the best city in the world! As a young girl I would always look forward, with great excitement, to the days when we would go to the center of St. Petersburg and along Nevsky Prospekt. The most famous street in the whole of Russia.

I did not realize at that time just how much I would learn about this great shopping street, its history and its many intriguing characteristics. Indeed, as the years went by I saw more and more of the magnificent treasures of my city. I visited The Hermitage, the Russian and other museums whenever I could. I walked along the Neva, crossed its bridges and explored the nearby town. I just adore the celebrations of Peter's city, the great performances at its many theaters and of course the romantic white nights. I am still exploring and learning. On Nevsky and elsewhere in the nearby streets I can tell you where you can see and buy almost anything at a remarkably realistic price.
After leaving university and spending much time with computer languages, my second love became foreign languages. I am now fluent in English and I find that being a guide not only helps me to practice my skills, but it is also a pleasant way of learning more.

My interests, skills and the love of people probably explains why I am a guide. I appreciate that people pay me to show them around, however it is only once we have started do they realize just how valuable a guide can be. I not only show people around in a manner that matches their interest, but I generally save them much time and money whilst doing this. It seems everyone wins.

If you are planning to visit my city, I can help with finding accommodation for you if you mail me your requirements and dates of proposed visit. Remember that in 2003 Saint Petersburg will commemorate 300 years since its founding by Peter the Great and we are expecting many visitors, so make your plans early to avoid disappointment.

The wonderful festival to celebrate 300 years of our history has now begun with a catalog of special events and good accommodation has become increasingly hard to find. If you are having difficulty, please contact me and I will try to find somewhere somewhere suitable to match your needs.

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