Palaces of St. Petersburg and suburbs (1)

Aerial view over the Winter Palace, palace square and the General Staff Building
The Winter Palace

Low level view of The Winter Palace's main Entrance
The Winter Palace (2)

Main Staircase inside the Winter Palace
The Main (Jordan) Staircase

Inside the Winter Palace's White Room
The White Room

Looking down the St. George Hall
St. George Hall
Inside the Malachite Room
The Malachite Room

The Stroganov Palace c.1753
The Stroganov Palace 1753

The Courtyard of the Stroganov Palace
Courtyard of Stroganov Palace in 1980s

The Menshikov Palace, completed in 1720 for Peter the Great's closest friend and advisor Alexander Menshikov
The Menshikov Palace 1720

The Engineer's Castle from the Moyka River. Originally called the Mikhalovsky Castle it was erected between 1797 & 1801
The Engineer's Castle 1800

View over the Taurida Palace from the Neva side. Built around 1785 the Palace hosted Russia's first parliament and today is still a government building
The Taurida (Tavrichesky) Palace 1785

The Sheremetiev Palace from the Fontanka Embankment was home to the Sheremetiev family from 1712
The Sheremetiev Palace 1712

A view of the Yusopov Palace from over the Moyka. Built in the 1760s, was the scene of Rasputin's murder in 1916
The Yusupov Palace c.1762
The former palace of the Grand Duke Mikhail and now the Russian Museum
The Russian Museum (Mikhailovsky Palace )

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