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Old Street Names

After World War I broke out in 1914, the city was renamed Petrograd, because the name sounded too Germanic and Russia was at war with Germany. A few street names were also changed at this time for the same reason. This was nothing compared to what happened after the Revolution of 1917, because the Bolsheviks changed hundreds of street names and public areas which had Imperialist associations, to names of Revolutionary heroes, political events, or names of respected celebrities from the arts world. Petrograd was renamed to Leningrad in 1924, shortly after the death of Lenin.

By the time of perestroika in the mid 1980s, several street names were reverting back to their original names and when Leningrad was renamed back to St. Petersburg after a popular vote at the end of 1991, a large batch of streets were also given the old names back. However, many of the Revolutionary street names remain and the original names have been consigned to rapidly fading memories.

The table below lists some of those old street names against the current name.

This is an ongoing project and further names will be added

Former name

Current name

1st to 12th Rota

1st to 12th Krasnoarmeiskaya Ulitsa

1st to 10th Rozhdestvenkaya Ulitsa

1st to 10th Sovetskaya Ulitsa ***

Ablina Ulitsa

ul. Pribrezhnaya

Aleksandrovsky Prospekt

Dobrolyubova Prospekt ***

Andreevskaya Ulitsa

Pervomaiskaya Ulitsa

Angliisky Prospekt

Parkhomenko Prospekt

Arhiereiskaya Ulitsa

L'va Tolstogo Ulitsa

Basseinaya (Basins) Ulitsa

Nekrasova Ulitsa

Blagoveschenskaya Ulitsa

Primorsky Prospekt

Bolshaya Belozerskaya ul.

Voskova Ulitsa

Bolshaya Dvorjanskaya ul.

Kujbysheva Ulitsa

Bolshaya Grebetskaya ul.

Pionerskaya Ulitsa (part A)

Bolshaya Koltovskaya ul.

Pionerskaya Ulitsa (part B)

Bolshaya Meschanskaya ul.

Kazanskaya Ulitsa

Bolshaya Obiezdnaya ul.

Orbeli Ulitsa

Bolshaya Spasskaya Ulitsa (Pet. Storona)

Krasnogo Kursanta

Bolshaya Spasskaya (Lesnoe)

Prospect Nepokorennyh ***

Bolshaya Vulfova

Chapaeva Ulitsa ***

Cherkovnaya Ulitsa

Blohina Ulitsa ***

Chubarov Pereulok

Transportny Pereulok

(Dementiev) Kosoy Pereulok

ul. Oruzheinika Fedorova

Demidov Pereulok

Grivkova Pereulok

Deminskaya Ulitsa

ul. Professora Kachalova

Dolgorukovsky Pereulok

Quarenghi per.

Ekaterininskaya Doroga (Prospekt)

Rimskogo-Korsakova Prospekt

Emperor Peter the Great Embankment

Petrovskaya Embankment

Ertelev Pereulok

Chekhova Ulitsa

Frantsuzskaya nab.

Kutuzovskaya nab.

Glazovskaya Ulitsa.

Konstantina Zaslonova ul.

Gogolya Ulitsa

Malaya Morskaya Ulitsa

Golovkinskaya Ulitsa.

Metallistov Prospekt

Gorstkina Ulitsa

Efimova Ulitsa

Gulyarnaya Ulitsa

ul. Lizy Chaikinoy

nab kanala Ekaterininsky

nab kanala Griboedova

Kabinetskaya ul.

ul. Pravdy

Kalashnikovskaya nab.

Sinopskaya nab.

Kurakina Ulitsa

Ordzhonikidze ul.

Lafonskaya Ulitsa

Proletarskoy Diktatury ul.

Leikhtenbergskaya Ulitsa

ul. Rosenstein

Leshtukov Pereulok

Dzhambula Pereulok

Litseiskaya Ulitsa

ul. Rentgena

Lyubashinsky Prospekt

Metallistov Prospekt

Malaya Belozerskaya

Kropotkina Ulitsa ***

Malaya Dvorjanskaya

Michurinskaya Ulitsa ***

Malaya Spasskaya Ulitsa (Lesnoe)

Karbysheva Ulitsa

Malaya Vulfova

Kotovskogo Ulitsa ***

Martynovskaya Ulitsa

Olgi Bergholz Ulitsa

Masterskaya Ulitsa

Lermontovsky Prospekt

Matveevskaya Ulitsa

Lenina Ulitsa (east) ***

Maximilianovsky Pereulok

Pirogova Pereulok

Mayakovskogo Ulitsa

Nadezhdinskaya Ulitsa

Morskaya Ulitsa

Bolshaya Morskaya Ulitsa

Moskovskaya Ulitsa

Krupskaya Ulitsa

Naberezhnaya Ulitsa

Primorsky Prospekt

ul. Nadezhdinskaya

Majakovskkogo ul

Nicolaevskaya nab.

Lejtenanta Smidta nab.

Nicolaievskaya ul.

ul. Marata ***

Nikolskaya Ulitsa

Glinki Ulitsa

Nizhegorodskaya Ulitsa

Lebedeva Ulitsa

Nobelskaya (and/or Nobelevskaya) Ulitsa

ul. Samoilovoy

Novoderevenskaya Naberezhnaya

Primorsky Prospekt

Novo-Mikhailovskaya Ulitsa

ul. Salova

Officerskaya (Ofitserskaya) Ulitsa

Dekabristov ul.

Panteleimonovskaya Ulitsa

Pestelya ul.

Pesochnaya Ulitsa

Professora Popova ul.

Peterburgskaya Ulitsa

Petrogradskaya ul.

Petrovskaya Ulitsa

ul. Ryabinovaya

Preobrazhenskaya ul.

Radischeva Ulitsa ***

Predtechinskaya ul.

Tchernaykhovskaya ul.

Progonny Pereulok

Progonnaya ul.

Rozhdestvensky Pereulok

Krasnoborsky Pereulok ***

Ruzhejnaya Ulitsa

Mira Ulitsa ***

Sampsonievskaya Emb.

Vyborgskaya Embankment

Sergiyevskaya Ulitsa

Chaikovskovo Ulitsa

Shirokaya Ulitsa

Lenina Ulitsa west) ***

Shlisselburgsky Prospekt

Prospect Obuhovskoi Oboroni

Simanskaya Ulitsa

ul. Shevchenko

Simbirskaya Ulitsa

Komsomola Ulitsa

Simeonovskaya Ulitsa

Belinskogo Ulitsa ***

Smirnova Prospekt

Lanskoe Shosse

Smolensky Pereulok

Ulitsa Olminskogo

Solovievsky Pereulok

Ulitsa Repina

Spasskaya Ulitsa

ul. Ryleeva

Sredinnaya Ulitsa

Prospekt Veteranov

Sutugina Ulitsa

ul. Perekopskaya

Teatralnaya Ulitsa

Ulitsa Zodchego Rossi

Topolnaya Ulitsa

ul. Savinoy

Troitskaya Ulitsa

Ulitsa Rubinsteina

Tsarskoselskaya Doroga

Pulkovskoe Shosse

Tserkovny Pereulok

Radischeva Pereulok

Utkina Ulitsa

ul. Respublikanskaya

Vezenbergskaya Ulitsa

Shkapina Ulitsa ***

Voskresenskaya nab.

Robespierre Embankment

Voskresenskaya Prospekt

Chernyshevskogo Prospekt

Vozdvizhenskaya Ulitsa

Tjushina Ulitsa ***

Voznessensky Pereulok

Krasnogradsky Pereulok ***

Yazykov Pereulok

Torzhkovskaya Ulitsa

Zabalkansky Prospekt

Moscovsky Prospekt

Zadnaya Ulitsa

ul. Sestroretskaya

Zadnaya Ulitsa

Shlisselburgsky Prospekt

Znamenskaya Ulitsa

Vosstaniya Ulitsa ***

Zolotonoshskaya Ulitsa

Professora Ivashentsova Ulitsa



Alexandrinskaya Ploschad

Ploschad Ostrovskogo

Blagoveshchenskaya Ploschad

Ploschad Truda

Ekaterininskaya Ploschad

Ploschad Rastrelli

Chernysheva (Chernyshevskaya) pl.

Ploschad Lomonosova

Chetyre Ruki

Ploschad Pobedy

Kalinkinskaya Ploschad

Ploschad Repina

Lafonskaya Ploschad

Ploschad Proletarskoy Diktatury

Narvskaya Ploschad

Ploschad Stachek

Pokrovskaya Ploschad

Ploschad Turgeneva

Rumyantsevskaya Ploschad

Ploschad Shevchenko

Vvedenskaya Ploschad

Ploschad Vitebskaya


Ploschad Vosstaniya

The names marked with *** have been nominated by the Toponymy Commission of SPb to have the original names gradually restored from the end of 2011

Nicolaievsky ulitsa now Marata

Nicolaievsky ulitsa now ul Marata

Residents Call on Governor To Restore Historical Street Names.
The St. Petersburg Times Published: November 30, 2011 (Issue # 1685)

About 1,500 city residents have appealed to St. Petersburg City Governor Georgy Poltavchenko requesting that a number of St. Petersburg streets and squares be given back the names they had before the 1917 Revolution, and that the names of streets named after those who took part in criminal activities be changed as well. "It would be better to call the streets even by numbers than by the names of classic bombers such as Khalturin, Perovskaya and Zhelyabov," said Daniil Petrov, vice president of the Historical Traditions Support Foundation. "Terrorists shouldn't be forgotten, but what they've done should be remembered only in textbooks. Streets should have different names." The group of city residents also asked for the names of streets named after Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin, Russian revolutionists Pavel Dybenko, Nikolai Krylenko and notorious secret police chief Felix Dzerzhinsky and a number of others to be changed. 


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